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They are very loyal, and may expect the same from their partner. If they get hurt, they would distance themselves from the world, like a crab hides itself in its shell. This sage-like sign would never attempt to take a revenge on those who've hurt them. Gentle and sensitive, Cancers would never go for flings. They crave for love and emotional contentment.

They believe in lifelong friendships and permanent partnerships. So if you dream of a domestic life, never let that Crab crawl outta your life. As far as the basic rules of zodiac compatibility are concerned, firstly, water would be most compatible with water, and next, would share a great comfort with Earth.

Let's look at the signs that would blend well with Cancer. With Cancer. Relationship Compatibility: A Cancer and Cancer together would make an extremely romantic match affirmed with intense emotions and enormous closeness. You both have a craving for love, and hence a craving for each other. Since y'all belong to the same zodiac category, you two can empathize each other, and harmonize your temperaments well.

Your relationship can have a few zigzags owing to the discussions springing up from your pasts and fluctuating moods, but with little understanding and faith in each other, this duo can lead a life full of love and happiness. Intimacy: A cancerian is full of daydreaming and fantasizing. You both make exciting lovers sexually, as y'all share your fantasies and make it a point to turn them into reality. Y'all crave for both, emotional as well as a physical connection, making very sensual bed mates. Our Call: Like attracts like!

With Taurus. Relationship Compatibility: Cancer and Taurus can be called soulmates! Cancer's emotionality, attachment towards family, and moodiness is balanced by Taurus's practicality and steady approach towards life.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs | Astrology Signs Compatibility List

They will together enjoy simple things in life, seeking security and warmth. They say that this combo has the potential to make others feel jealous. Overall, it can be a long-term relationship that would dwell on mutual love and security. Intimacy: You're both tender and warm, and prove to be sensual lovers.

Taurus's erotic thoughtfulness when it comes to lovemaking will be appreciated by Cancer's emotionality and sensitivity. Our Call: What one needs, the other provides! With Virgo. Naturally, Water and Earth go well together. The level of understanding and the connection, makes this pair very strong. Since both these signs have emotional and caring nature, they will enormously devote to one another, and to their children.

They help each other in achieving their goals.

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Cancer and Virgo are most generous of all the zodiac signs. But when you do find someone you connect with, it's your enthusiasm that's the best part about being friends with you. Although Mckean warns to be wary of being impatient or self-centered. Although you're known for being dependable and generous, Taurus, you can also be stubborn hello, bull!

While this is the case, you'll still find friendships in other earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn. When it comes to a maybe it will work, maybe it won't friendship, that would be Scorpio. When it comes to friendships, Gemini, your ability to adapt gives you the chance to have connections with more than a few zodiac signs. Sagittarius will either complement or clash with you, but you'll both naturally deal with each other in small doses. But where you sort of, well, suck as a friend is your need for a good time all the time. According to Mckean, this could lead you to canceling plans if something better and more exciting comes along.

Cancers may be sensitive, but sometimes they're a bit shy about opening up and really letting their feelings show.

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Mckean suggests reminding yourself, Cancer, that that's what friend are for — to be there for you. Also, your fellow water signs are right there with you in understanding your sensitivity. While you might hit it off with a Capricorn, they won't understand your changing moods and that might hurt your feelings. Cancer, it's normal to be emotional and have feelings. So if a friend can't handle that part of you, let them go Ultimately, Leo is looking for friends who enhance all the things they think are so great about themselves.

But fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius are right there to deliver.

Capricorn's pragmatism aligns well with yours. With your careful approach and tendency to look before you leap, you'll get along well with Cancer and Scorpio as they do the same. Where you might find an issue, Virgo, will be in Pisces, as they're the polar opposite of you on the zodiac. But that doesn't mean you should run out and ditch every Pisces you know. It means your friendship might require more work than your other friendships.

Do not hesitate to show your love for him and he will return it tenfold. Friendship as well as love are possible in this pairing. Cancer and the Scorpio man may at first clash. The reason being that these two are extremely similar. You can both be moody, and you may fight.

Getting to Know Men by Zodiac Sign

If you can handle these squabbles, you have found a Scorpio that you can tame. He will make you feel very secure, and the re-inventive nature of Scorpio will leave you wanting more. Let him know that he is the one whom your heart belongs to. This pairing can lead to a sensual romance if both are open minded, focused and committed.

Cancer and the Sagittarius man will have a very rough and unstable relationship. Cancer strives to build the home, while Sagittarian men have a restless nature that can be dampened by your need for commitment. Be aware that Sagittarian men are very hard to please at times. This will most likely be the downfall of any relationship with him.

Cancer and the Capricorn man are polar opposites. Capricorn men are very in sync with what is going on around them. Your moodiness may push his buttons at times, but he can handle it. You will enjoy the company that Capricorn keeps; socially he is appealing. While you may have some differences in what appears to be most important to you, you will both feel an uncanny sense of belonging together.

Cancer and the Aquarius man will find they have immediate differences.


Aquarian men value doing things in their own way. While you are looking for security, he may be looking for adventure. If he has won your heart, then you should know that he means business. Aquarians do things very deliberately. Be mindful that he will not outwardly show his affection as much as you need. For the best relationship between Cancer and Aquarius, look for fun and excitement that may lead to something more.

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Cancer and the Pisces man will click almost immediately. You will find that he is very sensitive, and together you can share your need for emotional bonding. Pisces men are very intuitive, therefore he will notice when you are feeling down and will pick you up. Pisces men are also very creative, but this can lead to them seeming exaggerative.

The Perfect Boyfriend For Each Zodiac Sign

If you cannot scratch his surface, then this match is best left as friends. It is not hard to see why Cancer women have a multitude of possible matches. When you are on a quest for finding love, always remember to look at the heart of the situation.

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The first rule of thumb for Cancer is to not sell yourself short. Know that what you want is a very important factor in finding love. As you consult your psychic, do so with an open mind as well as a clear picture of what it is you are looking for. Whether you need a boost in the right direction or you have questions about a possible Mr.